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Sandy Baker, Energy Facilitator, Reiki Healer, Self Love Activator

Holding space and healing for you

Sandy was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. Childhood was a confusing time for Sandy. As she navigated life with her “grand”mom, Sandy was often reminded she didn’t actually belong with them, she didn’t actually “belong” anywhere. This created a lost feeling within Sandy at a very young age. Who was she?

Being raised by her grandmother was difficult from the beginning. Sandy was the first grandchild born in the family to her mom who was only 17 at the time. When Sandy was just one years old, her mom's sister and cousin lost their life in a car accident. Just six months later, Sandy’s mom was lost to the same fate. So now Sandy’s “grand”mom who was just 38, at the time who also had three teenagers at home, now was a full time caregiver to another child, while grieving the loss of two of her own children in such a short time frame.

Sandy is a super sensitive soul. Through her awakening, she realized spending those childhood years in a space of grief and loss took its toll on her in many ways. As a child, she knew she didn’t fit where she was, and longed for a life that didn’t exist. She was confused by what she “knew” about life and about others. Not feeling like she belonged radiated into every aspect of life. Knowing the life she was living was inconveniencing others, hearing from those around her how she didn’t belong and searching for her meaning left Sandy feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This feeling stayed with her for a majority of her adult life.


In her early 20s Sandy met her now husband of 33 years. Sandy and her husband spent their first four years of marriage living in upstate New York, where they had two beautiful daughters and decided to move back to Michigan where they have lived for the last 29 years.


When her oldest daughter was around 18 months old, Sandy developed a panic disorder. Fear of dying and leaving her daughters behind plagued her daily. In fact, she spent most of her daughter's childhoods living with the fear of dying. As this fear grew, Sandy became more and more disconnected from her own truth and her own awareness of what it was she knew. 


When Sandy became a grandma herself, she knew life had to change. She no longer wanted to continue this cycle and that's when she started diving in. She is now a happy and settled grandma of three beautiful grand babies that are the loves of her life. This has come full circle for her. Deep diving into self discovery, consciousness work, and self healing, she has been able to heal her anxiety and move into the full embodiment of who she is.

Just recently retiring from a 27 year job at the local credit union, Sandy is now moving forward with empowering other women with consciousness tools and processes to heal their life and release inner anxiety for good.

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