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Becoming A Confident Chooser

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

What does becoming a confident chooser create in your life.

Becoming a confident chooser:

Do you have a hard time making up your mind?

Not confident in the decisions you make?

I was that way and not gonna lie, sometimes I slip back into old routines-

That is the thing- they are routines- you know like how you get up every morning and do the SAME EXACT thing day after day.

I have learned that you have to make a different routine. Now don’t think you can change it right away just because you want it to. I mean I thought that and was knocked on my butt–It takes a few days for it to stick–more like 30 days to create a new habit.

Pick one thing at a time-if you try to many it will throw you off and it won’t be accomplished.

So pick one thing and try it for 30 days. See how you feel and what you can accomplish. Start with just making your bed everyday. If you already do that-pick something else that matters to you that you wish you did.



About The Author Sandy Baker is an energy facilitator specializing in helping women overcome their self worth issues using consciousness facilitation to become confident and empowered. You can find out more about Sandy at

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