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Easily Release Old Self-Worth Programs And Embrace The Truth Of You!

Do you feel lost in the abyss of comparison,
self-doubt, and worry?

Living life in a constant state of negative mind chatter is so hard to go beyond. Making decisions is a struggle when you're always worrying about your life choices. The constant battle with self- confidence wastes your time and your precious energy. 


You deserve success without self-worry and overwhelm.

Struggling with self-worth issues can create:

How does working with an energy facilitator change these issues?

We begin by identifying the energy blocks that have created the issues in the first place. As we shift the solidified points of views, your issues begin to change. 
As your issues change, I will support you in making new choices that bring forward new paths, empowering you to get clear about what you desire to feel like. 
The clearer you become, the easier it is to identify who you are and who you desire to be. Thus creating an ease and embodiment of joy throughout your being. 
As your energy facilitator, I will hold space and walk with you guiding you to your greatest expansion of you. And the best part? All you have to do is show up with the readiness to create life change, I will facilitate the rest! 


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About Me

I am a self-love facilitator who has discovered the key to unlocking the depths of who you are through embodying self-love. I will be the first to admit that discovering (in my thirties) that I didn’t know who I was or what I desired in life really threw me for a loop. Since this discovery I have been on a self-healing journey, learning to care and love myself on a level I never received growing up. This has changed my life dramatically.


When I was just 18 months old, my mother was in a tragic car accident that claimed her life. Never knowing my father, I was raised by my maternal grandmother. Growing up, I was often reminded that I was only in my grandmother's care because my grandmother felt sorry for me. This left me living most of my life feeling lost and confused about who I really was. This deep seeded separation created fear and panic I lived with most of my life.


Now, after years of self discovery and healing, I am on a journey to share what I’ve learned to support others on their self healing journey.

Ready For Transformation?

Feel Confident

Discover The Joy Of Embodiment

Be The You You've Always Desired

No more struggling with worry and overwhelm about your daily choices. When you receive regular energy facilitation, the old patterns of indecision fade away. You feel confident and clear headed to make good choices for yourself.

Find the joy in everyday life with new energy integrations giving you new found joy and excitement about life. Receiving regular energy integrations create a flow of more of you showing up with ease! Allowing you to embrace the true joy of you. 

Stop hating the way you interact, the things you do and say. As you receive regular sessions you will learn how to be the leader in your energy space. This gives you the ability to show up as you desire to be with ease.

Embrace Your True Self.
Discover What Lights You Up.
Heal Your Past.
Become Your Best Self Today!


“I had the privilege of working with Sandy one on one. I was having a lot of nervous anxiety. Sandy helped me understand I was stuck energetically. She has so many beautiful tools to help clear and release. I love the tincture I purchased on her site for nervousness. It taste great and definitely helps!”

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